The Ochre Platform

A tool for logistics, commerce and digital asset management.

Ochre can manage your product data, power websites, and provide stock management tools, without integrating multiple tools and systems.


Ochre provides the tools to build a comprehensive product database. It stores digital audio assets, metadata, images, and a library of external retail and streaming links, which can then be used across your own marketing sites and retail stores.

Products can be geo-restricted or hidden, and granular track preview and download options can be applied to allow a fine level of control who can see, buy, or listen to your products.

Ochre can accept DDEX Delivery, or products can be created manually from upload with digital asset transcoding in the cloud.

Ochre app product screen shot

Stores and Websites

Ochre's simple tools allow you to use your product data to create marketing sites or retail stores, putting your product information to work. Create webpages in minutes; displaying products, embedded content, and custom content. Product, stock and customer information can be used across multiple sites and stores.

Websites built on Ochre are flexible and put media central to the experience, supporting fully-integrated streaming and downloads. Stores are fast, secure and PCI compliant, and sales are SoundScan and OCC registered.

Store product screen shot


Warehouse and stock management tools allow the holding of stock in multiple locations and can integrate to third-party warehouses while retaining control over your own data.

Tight integration between stores and inventory provides real-time stock handling when selling across multiple websites and can provide customers with flexible international shipping options from multiple locations.

Ochre app report screen shot

Marketing and Promotion

Ochre can support instant grat. pre-orders, up-front streaming, product redemption codes, Spotify pre-save functionality, and creation of stream and share pages to showcase your products. This, with the ability to build custom web pages to market your product, give a large amount of flexibility.

To ensure visibility and tracking it is possible to integrate your own analytics and tag managers to the site and customise page meta tags.

Store product screen shot